With several techniques that can be used to remove tattoos, laser tattoo removal is thought to be the safest and most effective way to removal tattoo from the body. It works by sending energy pulses to the tattoo, which shatters the ink into tiny fragments. Despite being an easy and most efficient approach to removing tattoos, there are a lot of myths concerning the use and safety of the procedure. It is therefore important to understand the common myths about laser tattoo removal, and make an informed decision for yourself. 

Below are five (5) out of the several misconceptions about the laser tattoo removal:

Myth 1: Laser tattoo removal is a very expensive procedure

Fact: This is far from true as the cost of laser tattoo removal depends on different factors such as the age of the tattoo, its size, color/ink type, the part of the body where it is, age and the general health of the patient. All these play a vital role in the total cost of laser tattoo removal. Conversely, when you compare the cost of laser tattoo removal to surgical tattoo removal, you will definitely realize that it is more economical.

Myth 2: Laser tattoo removal is a very painful procedure

Fact: Although laser tattoo removal procedure has a little discomfort associated with it, it is often regarded as a burning or tingling sensation just like sunburn. An expert tattoo removal New York may apply a topical numbing cream to the tattoo’s site so as to further alleviate the pain and discomfort. 

Myth 3: Laser tattoo removing causes scarring

Fact: Unlike other tattoo removal procedures, laser tattoo removal never leaves visible scars. Although the conventional laser tattoo removals may leave scars, the modern versions are perfect and much more efficient.  Lasers used for removing tattoo focus on the secondary skin layer. It penetrates the top layer, which has the skin color pigment and concentrates on only on the removal of the tattoo ink.

Myth 4: New tattoos cannot be removed and that you have to wait

Fact: This is far from being true. Although nowadays, lasers have become a lot better in removing all tattoo colors, some colors are still harder to get rid of, but not impossible. Should a tattoo cannot be removed, it is probably the patient does not have a strong immune system and this has a little to do with the tattoo itself or the laser.

Myth 5: One session is enough to get rid of a tattoo

Fact: This is never true because a number of sessions are required to have a complete tattoo removal.  Even as one session makes the ink fade, it is only after some sessions that the tattoo gets removed. The number of sessions needed depends on the tattoo’s color and size. Black tattoos are easier and faster to remove compared to other colored tattoos.

Now that you understand the basic truth about laser tattoo removal, you can still meet with an expert tattoo removal New York for more information about any doubts you may have before you consider undergoing it.

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