What are Chemical Peels and Do I Need Them?

What are Chemical Peels and Do I Need Them?

We’ve all heard of chemical peels, but many of us aren’t sure what exactly they are. A chemical peel is a unique skin treatment which is used to improve and smooth out the surface of the facial skin. As a method, chemical peeling works to peel off the dead surface of the skin. This results in a smoother, healthier and less wrinkled skin compared to the old one.

However, chemical peeling is not a simple process at all. In fact, it should always be performed by a certified aesthetic professional such as an aesthetic doctor, nurse or beauty therapist.

In order to know which type of chemical peel is right for you, there are three different types you can choose from: superficial, medium and deep peels. The main categorization between these three lies in the strength of the acid solution used in the peel and how deep it goes when penetrating the skin. For example, deeper chemical peels tend to penetrate the skin further and require a greater recovery period.

That is why superficial chemical peels are considered as the most gentle and risk-free option for people. They require no pain relief and can be applied to all skin types – including darker skin tones as well.

Basically, chemical peels are a great method for treating acne, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles or the rough skin texture. They also work great in reducing the lentigines (large freckles) which appear as the dark spots on the skin, but also the conditions known as melasma and hyper-pigmentation.

However, superficial chemical peels cannot be used for active cold sores or warts on the face, deep lines and wrinkles, sagging skin due to sun damage or excessively sensitive skin. They are also not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women or patients treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

So, if you are struggling with the above mentioned skin problems or conditions, you should know that chemical peels are able to help you.

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