What is the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis?

Electrolysis works by the use of an electric current delivered through a small needle or electrode which is passed through the skin and, hopefully, into the hair bulb beneath the surface of the skin. There are several drawbacks with electrolysis.

Firstly, the electric current can damage normal skin around the hair follicle, resulting in scarring. Secondly, since it is impossible to see the hair follicle that is being treated, the practitioner cannot be certain that the electric current is being placed in exactly the right space. As anyone who has had electrolysis can attest, electrolysis can be exceedingly painful. It is also expensive, damaging to skin, and takes many sessions to see results.

Laser hair removal works by aiming a beam of light precisely at unwanted hair follicles. The roots of the hairs are blasted with heat, killing them and preventing regrowth. With the Epicare and Zimmer Cooling Systems, laser hair removal is far more comfortable and much less damaging to the skin than electrolysis. It is also quicker to attain permanent results and less expensive.

If you should have any further questions about laser hair removal, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Our staff will be happy to explain the details of our laser hair removal services in depth with you, and help you to determine if laser hair removal is right for you.