After receiving your chemical peel, you may experience some light flaking in a few localized areas for up to five days and slight redness for one to twelve hours. Although you may or may not actually “peel” during the first one or two treatments, you will probably experience slight exfoliation and your skin will feel tight and pulled.

Clients should follow the Home Care Regimen sheet provided by their esthetician. Some general rules to follow after treatment include:

  • Do not apply any medications not recommended by your esthetician.
  • Let skin rest and stabilize overnight; only apply makeup if absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and excessive heat.
  • Do not pick or pull on any loosening or exfoliating skin; this could lead to hyperpigmentation.
  • Home use of Pigment Gel twice daily is recommended to continue lightening hyperpigmented areas.
  • Do not have electrolysis, collagen injections, facial waxing or use depilatories for five days after treatment.
  • Do not schedule another treatment until your esthetician advises you to do so.

For two days following treatment:

  • Do not apply ice or water to the treated areas
  • Do not put the face directly into a hot shower spray.
  • Do not use Jacuzzis, steam rooms or saunas.
  • Do not go swimming or participate in activities that would cause excessive perspiration
  • Do not use Buff-Puff’s or other means of mechanical exfoliation.
  • Do not direct a hair dryer onto the treated area. Stay cool!
  • Getting heated internally can cause hyperpigmentation.