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Our services at New York Laser Aesthetics include laser hair removal for men and women, and a host of non-invasive cosmetic skin and body treatments. We are proud to produce dramatic results with the safest and most effective treatments on the market. We use the most advanced technology available in the industry, and all of our equipment is medical grade and FDA-approved. Our experienced staff is New York State certified, licensed and bonded, and is committed to your comfort and satisfaction. Please browse our list of available services to learn more about what we offer at New York Laser Aesthetics.

Laser Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal procedure provides a gentle, non-invasive, effective, clean, safe and affordable solution for your unwanted facial and body hair. We use a machine specially designed to make the procedure painless. The treatment removes hair from most areas of the body and face including the bikini area, legs, arms, under arms, upper lip, chin and back. Laser hair removal lasts longer than waxing and plucking, and is more sanitary and non-irritating to the skin. Laser hair removal saves you time, money and aggravation, and offers you smooth skin and newfound confidence.

Toenail Fungus

Many suffer from the embarrassment of yellowed, thick nails due to toenail fungus. Many costly prescription creams and drugs have been unsuccessful at treating this difficult condition. We are proud to offer laser treatment, an FDA-approved solution that works to restore health and new growth to fungus-afflicted toenails. There are no side effects to this breakthrough technology, and results can be seen in a matter of months.

Sun Spot Removal

Laser therapy is a perfect solution for those looking to fade or remove age, sun, liver, brown, and café-au-lait spots. Whether spots are birthmarks or caused by sun exposure, the Q-Clear Yag laser can treat them. Clients see results in as little as two visits, and results are usually permanent. The laser is safe and effective, and sessions are as short as twenty minutes.

Chemical Peel

Our Physician’s Choice custom chemical peels target a vast array of skin needs, from clearing acne and unclogging follicles to softening fine lines, smoothing and tightening skin’s feel and appearance, and evening out skin’s color and tone. We will assess your skin’s unique needs and discuss your objectives and concerns. We use imported equipment from Paris to remove unhealthy and dead cells on the skin’s surface to reveal beautiful, glowing skin underneath.

Anti Aging

Our anti-aging treatment center offers a wide range of services to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and skin discoloration. We offer peels to remove acne and mild scarring, and erase marks caused by sun damage, pregnancy and uneven skin tones. We aim to make you feel younger and revitalize your skin. Every anti-aging treatment we perform for our clients is tailored to their individual skin needs. We adjust our methods based on your skin’s sensitivity, and your skin goals. Our anti-aging procedures range from 15 to 20 minutes, and the treatments are safe, effective and require very little recovery time.

Skin Rejuvenation

Laser therapy is used to stimulate the repair of damaged skin, and can address a variety of skin concerns. It counteracts damage caused by ultraviolet light, radiation and environmental pollutants and toxins. It uses infrared technology to fade pigmentation and enhance skin’s production of collagen. As one ages, collagen fibers in the skin lose elasticity, causing loosening of the skin and wrinkles. The laser is able to target the affected areas directly, without side effects. It costs less than botox and collagen injectables, and there are no needles involved. Other uses for the laser include shrinking capillaries; shrinking moles and other lesions; minimizing acne scars and controlling acne outbreaks, and controlling rosacea.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal

People have never wanted to look better than they do now. Appearance and its costs are now making up a greater part of both men’s and women’s budgets. According to research, 26% of laser hair removal treatments are done on..

Laser Tattoo Removal

Research shows that up to 50% of those with tattoos wish to have a tattoo removed during their lifetime. We are happy to offer the latest in laser tattoo removal technology. New York Laser Aesthetics uses a laser to remove the tattoos by targeting the ink’s pigment with a high-intensity light beam. There is only a minimum degree of discomfort caused by the laser. Full removal of a tattoo depends upon its size and the ink colors within the tattoo. Black is the easiest color to remove, because it absorbs all laser wavelengths. Other colors may take longer to remove, with darker ones easier than lighter inks. In most cases, tattoo removal can be achieved in as little as two to four sessions.

Laser Spider Vein Removal

Varicose Vein Removal Laser Treatment
Those who suffer from unsightly spider veins in their face have an alternative to painful and invasive cosmetic surgery. New York Laser Aesthetics offers laser spider vein removal, which permanently removes the appearance of spider veins after several treatments. Individual results will vary based upon the color, severity and number of veins. Immediately following treatment, appearance of the veins will be dramatically lighter. It will take several weeks for the body to fully absorb and eliminate the vein. There is no downtime associated with our laser spider vein removal treatments, and you will be able to return to normal activities immediately following your appointment.

Face Sculpting

If you are interested in looking younger and more revitalized, we offer non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery, without the unnatural results, pain, wounds, and harmful side effects. We use no scalpel or sharp instruments, and our procedures are completed in one treatment. You can walk right out of the office and go about your daily routine, without any downtime. We are fully trained in many services, such as hydration treatments, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage of the face, wrinkle removal and skin lifting effects for a tighter neckline, cheeks and chin. We reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, pockmarks on the face, enlarged pores, blackheads and dry skin. New York Laser Aesthetics is a one-stop shop for your non-invasive cosmetic treatments.


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