Anti Aging

Anti_agingIt is an old saying that women are as old as they look but men are as old as they feel. Well, if wrinkles have started appearing on a man’s face, he is bound to feel older too. With the anti aging treatments available at New York Laser Aesthetics, you can shed a few years that have started showing off shamelessly on your face and body.

Most common symptoms of aging are spots, wrinkles, discoloration, fine lines, loose skin, drooping features and uneven skin tone. These result after those long years of stress associated with your family and kids, your career, your relationships and those many meals that you missed simply because you had no time to enjoy a healthy meal. There is skin damage that just comes with age no matter how relaxed a life you have lived and then there is the damage caused by sunlight, pollution and junk food!

At New York Laser Aesthetics, our anti-aging treatment center offers a wide range of products and services to “turn back the clock.” We are proud to feature Physician’s Choice chemical peels for all skin types, conditions and problem areas. Chemical peels will treat acne, wrinkles, mild scarring, loose skin, and uneven skin tone. The skin exfoliation will leave your skin moisturized and hydrated after skin’s natural peeling process. Peels rejuvenate the skin while erasing marks caused by sun damage, and pregnancy. Without a doubt, our anti-aging peels will make you feel younger and revitalize your skin.
In addition to chemical peels, New York Laser Aesthetics offers laser rejuvenation treatments that are safe and effective alternatives to plastic surgery, with similar results. There are no scalpels or sharp instruments involved, nor the hefty price tag, the downtime associated with recovery, nor any harmful side effects. Laser treatment with red and green lasers is used to enhance collagen in skin to increase skin suppleness and reduce fine lines and loose skin, resulting in a younger, fresher-looking face without the “fake” look of surgical procedures. Laser treatment is also an excellent solution for those seeking skin clarification, spider vein removal on the face, and fading of pigmentation from spots or uneven skin tone. Pigments are broken down and are removed naturally by the body. The laser is precise and its accuracy prevents surrounding skin tissue from damage. The laser touches only the areas meant for treatment, resulting in minimal discomfort.

a2For those seeking a viable alternative to surgical procedures such as a face-lift, we are proud to offer the groundbreaking Biologique Recherche face sculpting treatment at New York Laser Aesthetics. This advanced technology was created by a professor in France and was developed as a result of years of research. It works by sending safe and effective micro-currents into the skin later via special conducting wands to encourage protein and collagen production. Face sculpting aims to restore the proteins and collagen fibers that skin loses with age, and restores hydration to dry skin. Face sculpting can give skin that “tighter” look many seek, with a more natural look than what one might receive from an operating table. Best of all, there are no side effects, and the treatment is comfortable to undergo. Biologique Recherche and other skin rejuvenation treatments at New York Laser Aesthetics require no downtime. Clients are encouraged to go about normal daily activities immediately following treatment.

Mesotherapy is another option for those seeking to improve the quality of their skin, and improve skin’s suppleness. Fine lines, wrinkles and and loose skin are treated through the use of micro-injectables from all-natural ingredients. This is a great option for those who are interested in the results of Botox, Restylane and the like but do not want the side effects of chemicals.

Every anti-aging treatment we perform is customized for clients’ specific, individual skin needs, such as skin tone and skin sensitivity, among other factors. We adjust our methods according to the face and body we are dealing with. A consultation prior to every procedure is provided so that our experts can assess what kind and what level of treatment our clients require. Our anti-aging procedures range from 15 to 20 minutes, and the treatments are safe, effective and require very little recovery time.