Face Sculpting

unThe face is affected by aging in many more ways than superficial wrinkles. There is a loss of protein in the skin. The collagen fibers that keep skin tight and intact gradually lose their strength, causing skin to hang loose. The skin cells are no longer able to retain ample amount of water (or they are retaining too much of it), so the skin starts appearing dry. Fight aging with New York Laser Aesthetics’ array of non-invasive cosmetic skin treatments. Stress also contributes to skin issues, making it appear lifeless and dull. In our modern lives, we have no shortage from stress, from work-related stress, late nights out, to relationship and family-related stress. Face sculpting helps to awaken and repair the skin that stress damages.

Known as “the best kept secret of the dermatology world and cosmetic industry” because of its unparalleled results and zero-risk factor, face sculpting is an excellent solution to wrinkles, loose skin, and a dry, sallow complexion. New York Laser Aesthetics offers face sculpting, lifting, lymphatic drainage, and hydration treatments for both women and men. Our experienced and well-trained staff will refresh, revitalize, tighten, and smooth your facial skin, and help you look ten years younger! Using the revolutionary Biologique Recherche device, developed in France, our specialists send safe and effective micro-currents into the epidermis via special conducting wands to promote the production of collagen. This tightens and soothes the skin, giving it a glowing, plump, youthful appearance with no scalpel or sharp instruments.

Studies have shown that with the proper manipulations and gestures, face sculpting accomplishes:

  • Lymphatic drainage of the face
  • Reduction of fine facial lines, wrinkles and creases on the face
  • Facial firming and toning
  • Elimination of dark circles and swollen eyes
  • Lifting effect and purification
  • Tightening of the face cheeks, chin and upper neckline

Facial sculpting has no side effects, no downtime, is comfortable and is an excellent alternative to going under the knife. You are able to resume all daily activities as usual immediately following treatment, and the cost is far less than plastic surgery. Results will be visible after only one treatment, and look natural, so you still “look like yourself,” only the best version of yourself! Facial sculpting can be used to achieve many skin goals, such as lymphatic drainage of the face, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and creases; firming and toning of skin’s surface; elimination of dark circles and swollen eyes; lifting effect and purification; tightening of the cheeks, chin and upper neckline.

Face Sculpting is painless. You can forget about redness, sore skin, abrasions, harmful side effects and wounding. You can expect a reduction in face lines and wrinkles. You will see a smoother and softer you because of reinstated moisture. Blood circulation will improve because of lymphatic drainage. Your skin will be visibly firm and better contoured. Sagging skin will be uplifted to a noticeable extent. There will be shrinkage in enlarged pores and a significant reduction in acne, blackheads, scars and pitting.

Our well-trained and experienced staff will be happy to make you look fresher than ever. You will be empowered and confident after you have undergone face-sculpting treatment at New York Laser Aesthetics. We are committed to clients’ safety, comfort and satisfaction. We will work with you to create a tailor-made treatment plan based on your needs, desires and schedule. Call us today and get started on an even more beautiful you!