Laser Hair Removal


Permanent unwanted hair removal is possible through laser hair removal services at New York Laser Aesthetics. We provide you with effective treatments that are affordable, safe, virtually painless, and permanent (with minimal upkeep). Laser hair removal increases confidence in all facets of one’s life; career, social, and romantic. You will save time getting ready in the morning, and save money in the long run by not having to purchase razors and shaving cream. You will spare yourself the expenses of money and time that the salon waxing, threading and electrolysis appointments cost. To prove that the satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority, New York Laser Aesthetics provides a “lifetime guarantee” discount of 50% off any touch up services after you complete your initial package of treatments. Above all, we want you to feel confident that your desired look can be maintained.

Laser hair removal is a painless treatment that causes virtually no damage to skin tissue surrounding the targeted hair follicles. New York Laser Aesthetics strives to be the number one laser hair removal provider in the Long Island area. Our experienced and caring staff is New York State certified, licensed and bonded. We are pleased to offer our clients top notch service and results. Our welcoming, relaxing, clean and discreet offices are conveniently located in Great Neck, NY, easily accessible from the Long Island Expressway and the Northern State Parkway.


We are proud to use only FDA-approved, medical-grade equipment in our office. We use the cutting edge Epicare Laser Aesthetic System. It removes hair effectively from upper lips, the chin, arms, face, neckline, legs, back and the chest. The Epicare Laser Aesthetic System is an advanced piece of technology that precisely targets the melanin found in the hair follicle, resulting in minimal effect on surrounding skin tissue. Perhaps most impressive, the Epicare Laser automatically adjusts its settings according to clients’ hair and skin tones, among other factors.

To continue our commitment to clients’ comfort, we are the only laser hair removal provider in the surrounding area to use the Zimmer Cooling System, which continuously blasts a cold stream of air during the procedure. This cold hair renders skin’s pain receptors numb. We use this to counteract the heat of the laser, for the utmost comfort of our clients. The Zimmer Cooling System will eliminate 90% of the discomfort usually associated with laser hair removal.

While other hair removal methods provide a temporary treatment, laser hair removal is a cost effective, timesaving measure against unwanted hair on the face and body. In addition to those who wish to simply make their daily routine easier, or athletes such as runners, cyclists and bodybuilders who aim to maximize performance, we are happy to have helped those suffering from mockery and embarrassment due to the presence of unwanted hair. Our staff is trained to provide the best customized services with a caring and positive attitude. Our offices provide a discreet and welcoming atmosphere where clients can relax and unwind. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation. We will discuss if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal, and your objectives for treatment. Together with our clients, our staff works to help achieve our clients’ goals and increase their confidence everyday. We look forward to hearing from you!