Laser Spider Vein Removal


Men and women both suffer from unsightly spider veins on the body, usually found on the legs. Many factors contribute to the formation of spider veins, such as sun damage, genetics, age, stress levels, smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity, among others. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or birth control pills are often associated with spider vein formation. These veins exist in shades of red, purple and blue, and sit right under the skin surface. Spider veins can have a “star” or “spider” shape, can be clustered into a large web, or can even have small branches off a large trunk.

Spider veins are formed by tiny amounts of blood leaking into the skin’s surface from superficial veins. The blood travels into the tissue, and different patterns of discoloration are formed. While many find these veins unattractive, they are harmless and do not cause any health concerns in of themselves. Many men and women find that they are embarrassed to go out in public without concealing their spider veins. They have low self esteem and avoid wearing shorts, bathing suits, or skirts.

New York Laser Aesthetics is pleased to offer spider vein fading and removal services through laser treatment. The laser works to attack the blood vessel, after which it will fade and be reabsorbed into the body without any side effects. The body no longer uses these “spider” veins, and there are no adverse effects to their removal.

Laser therapy is considered the best treatment available for spider vein removal. New York Laser Aesthetics is proud to use the advanced Nd Yag Laser in our spider vein removal treatments. It is effective, simple, quick, safe, and causes minimal side effects. The Nd Yag Laser has a cooling tip to counteract the heat of the laser beam, and therefore minimize any discomfort. There are neither needles used nor any incisions made during laser treatment. Laser spider vein removal technology has existed for over thirty years, so clients can rest assured that there has been much research and advancement in the field.

Laser spider vein removal works by targeting a precise and accurate beam of light (laser) at the darkened pigment in the unwanted spider veins. The concentrated light from the laser penetrates the skin surface deeply to reach the target veins. The heat from the laser is used in strong bursts to destroy the walls of the vein and cause them to collapse and break apart. They will begin to fade on impact from the laser’s heat. The precision and accuracy of the laser beam renders the skin tissue surrounding the veins completely undamaged. After treatment, the veins will gradually fade and change colors, and will then disappear and be reabsorbed into the body within two to four weeks. The majority will be gone by six weeks after your completed treatment.

While laser treatment is mostly painless, there may be a slight bump on the skin immediately following treatment, which will disappear within two to four hours. Some may experience slight redness, bruising, itching and swelling on the treated area, which generally disappears within a couple days. In rare cases blistering of the skin may occur. When the blisters heal, they may leave permanent scars.

Laser spider vein removal treatment sessions are quick and take only ten to twenty minutes at a time. There is no downtime associated with treatment. Clients are encouraged to return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment. As each client’s spider vein condition differs, anywhere from two to six treatments are generally needed. Sessions are held four to six weeks apart. Depending on the severity of one’s case, additional treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve desired results.

We recommend that clients avoid sun exposure before and after laser treatment. If one goes outside for prolonged periods of time, it is imperative to use a strong sunscreen to prevent damage to the skin layer over the spider veins. Healing can be expedited by wearing support hose, if necessary.

The staff at New York Laser Aesthetics will be happy to provide an individual consultation for those interested in laser spider vein removal treatment. We will sit down with you to explain your options and discuss the best course of treatment for your goals, lifestyle and condition. Look forward to beach days, vacations, gym sessions and dates again without fear. Call us and get your confidence back today!