Laser Tattoo Removal

TattooResearch has shown that up to 50% of people with tattoos regret at least one of them. In the past, removal options were prohibitively expensive, extremely painful, and caused serious scarring. At New York Laser Aesthetics, many of those who thought they would be “stuck” with embarrassing or distasteful tattoos for the rest of their lives have found complete tattoo removal success through laser treatment, with minimal side effects. Even those who have had unsuccessful tattoo removal treatments in the past through other methods have seen dramatic results with laser therapy.

Decisions made by those in their young and “irresponsible” years, to poorly done tattoos by inexperienced artists, family and career obligations, to simple changes of heart all play a part in one’s decision to remove tattoos. Many find that tattoos in obvious areas, such as hands, neck, and forearms will hinder their career options. Additionally, as some become parents, they find that their tattoos do not set a good example for their children. The military does not allow tattoos in body areas left exposed while wearing fatigues or dress uniforms. Those interested in joining the armed forces frequently undergo laser tattoo removal so as to be eligible for recruitment. Those who have shied away from wearing tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and skirts due to discomfort from showing their “regrettable” tattoos can now get their freedom and confidence back. Whether your goal is to lighten an existing tattoo in order to get a “cover-up” tattoo over the same area, or to simply attain clear and clean look, laser treatment at New York Laser Aesthetics is an excellent solution.

New York Laser Aesthetics is proud to provide tattoo removal clients with the most advanced technology available on the market. Our laser equipment is medical-grade and FDA-approved. We are the only tattoo laser removal clinic in the surrounding area to use the Zimmer Cooling System. This machine produces a continuous blast of cold air to counteract the heat of the laser, minimizing any discomfort during treatments. Our experienced staff is New York State certified, insured and bonded. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, and the safety and comfort of our clients. Our offices are welcoming, clean, relaxing and discreet. We are conveniently located on Northern Blvd in Great Neck, NY, within easy reach to the Long Island Expressway and the Northern State Parkway.

It is time to stop hiding your body and living with regret! New York Laser Aesthetics is happy to meet with those interested in laser tattoo removal for a private consultation. We will address all of your questions and concerns and explore your tattoo removal options with regards to factors such as your skin tone, tattoo pigment colors, age of your tattoo, and location of the tattoo on the body. We will listen to your goals and tailor a treatment plan for your individual needs. We are committed to outstanding customer service, treatment quality and affordability. Call us today and take back your skin!