Men’s Laser Hair Removal

MenPeople have never wanted to look better than they do now. Appearance and its costs are now making up a greater part of both men’s and women’s budgets. According to research, 26% of laser hair removal treatments are done on men. In fact, this is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure for both men and women who are below 35 years of age. Traditionally, men who underwent laser hair removal were athletes, using laser hair removal to increase their speed on the track, in the pool or on the court. Nowadays, this treatment is also popular with men living ordinary lives. This may be because of the current trends, or it may be due to the desire to appear clean and hygienic. Whatsoever the reason, New York Laser Aesthetics has seen that the practice is continuously gaining popularity amongst men!

Men suffering from anxiety and stress about excessive body hair have found an easy, lasting and affordable solution with laser hair removal. They can finally embrace their own bodies, and gain confidence in public and with their partners. The best candidates for men’s laser hair removal are those with light skin and dark hair. The technique behind permanent hair removal involves using a powerful laser to target the unwanted hair follicles, killing them over a period of time encompassing the different growth phases of the hair. New York Laser Aesthetics uses the FDA-approved Epicare laser system, an advanced laser that accurately and precisely targets individual hair follicles and causes minimal damage to the surrounding skin tissue. We are also the only laser clinic in the surrounding area to use the Zimmer Cooling System, a machine that continually blasts a cold stream of air to the skin to counteract the heat of the laser, further minimizing discomfort.

Men’s laser hair removal is permanent and there will be no need for you to carry an electric shaver or trimmer inside your gym bag, or struggle with attempting to shave your back. Even the tedious tasks of shaving your chest or going to the barber to take care of the hair on the back of your neck will simply be memories. You will save time getting ready for work, save money on waxing treatments or razors and shaving cream, and have a newfound confidence. You can look forward to a trip to the beach, a pick-up sports game or going on a date without worrying about the appearance of unwanted hair.

At New York Laser Aesthetics, our certified and well-trained team will work with you to attain the look you desire. Our office is a discreet, relaxing and welcoming environment, and we offer convenient appointment times including Saturdays. Men’s laser hair removal treatments contain a purchased packet of 6 treatments. To maintain your desired look, New York Laser Aesthetics is proud to offer a “lifetime guarantee” of 50% off any touch-up treatments after you have completed the initial package.