Sun Spot Removal

Clip_10New York Laser Aesthetics is pleased to provide our clients with FDA-approved laser technology for permanent spot removal. The groundbreaking Q-Clear Yag Laser removes most spots of skin discoloration, including congenital marks (from birth), to ones caused by age or sun exposure, or hormonal changes. The laser is effective at permanently removing café-au-lait marks, sunspots, liver spots, brown spots, and freckles. The technology is the same for removing spider veins, and even tattoo pigment. For those plagued by embarrassment stemming from obvious marks on their face and body, laser spot removal is safe, affordable, and produces dramatic results without scarring.

Age-SpotsAge spots, sunspots and the like are caused by pigment-producing cells in the skin, activated by ultraviolet rays. Parts of the skin that have seen years of sun exposure are prone to age spots, because they appear where there is a “clump” or high concentration of melanin in a particular area. Exposure to tanning beds and lamps also increases the risk of getting these spots. Aging alone can also increase melanin production in skin, leading to more spots. They are not harmful in of themselves, but some may develop into cancerous lesions. They are usually found on the face, hands, shoulders and arms.

Laser spot removal is virtually painless and causes minimum discomfort to surrounding skin tissue, due to the precision and accuracy of the Q-Clear Yag Laser. The laser emits “pulses” of energy with specially filtered bands of light that penetrate the skin layer and reach the pigment of the unwanted spot. The light is converted into heat, which selectively destroys the pigmented lesion, sloughing it away. The pigment is gradually broken down and removed naturally by the body. The lesion fully clears within two weeks. Small spots only need several “pulses” of the laser to fade all the pigment; larger or darker spots require more “pulses.” Spot removal may be achieved in as little as two sessions, although results depend on the spot’s pigment, size, color of surrounding skin, and depth of the spot’s pigment into the skin. Individual sessions are approximately twenty minutes in length.

In the past, an individual’s only option to hide unwanted pigmented lesions was to use makeup to mask it. This is not only time consuming and expensive, but onerous and does not address the underlying problem. After undergoing laser therapy, clients are freed from having to hide their unwanted spots, and can go makeup-free. At New York Laser Aesthetics, we are happy to help those who seek clear skin and/or a more youthful appearance—safely, comfortably, and affordably. You deserve to have the look you want, and we are ready to help you get there.