Zerona Treatment

5Ever wished you could lose a few inches instantly to fit into that gorgeous cocktail dress for a party? Or look as best as can be in your wedding dress or tuxedo? Until recently, the only cosmetic procedures to permanently lose weight and inches were surgically invasive. However, in August 2010, the Zerona laser treatment was approved by the FDA for the purposes of “long term fat reduction.” This breakthrough technology has changed the game. Without the pain, time, and serious risks and side effects of surgery, you can still achieve your weight goals. Why not look and feel the best you can?

Long Island Laser Aesthetics offers Zerona Treatment for those looking to reduce fat and remove inches off their waist with no pain, surgery or downtime. Our non-invasive Zerona Treatment has helped people look slimmer by as much as 3 inches and has helped them lose stubborn fat from their neck, hips, arms, bra-line, knees, thighs, back, tummy, waistline, and love handles.  The Zerona laser treatment has gotten much media attention, and has been featured on television shows such as Rachael Ray, CBS News, ABC News and The Doctors, and been mentioned in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Allure Magazine & Life &Style.

1Zerona treatment does not involve any surgery is done entirely with our Erchonia Scanner Laser equipment. The laser disintegrates excess fat and adipose tissue, which will then be removed from the body through interstitial space, or the empty space found in the body between your cells. When the laser disintegrates this fat, it is removed with normal waste through the normal bodily functions. There is no increase in cholesterol or triglycerides in studies reviewed by the FDA.

2When you come in for the Zerona treatment, there is little need for prepping. Zerona breaks down your fat with nominal to no sensation, removing the possibility of scarring, bruising, infection, pain, and other complaints that can come from surgery. The treatment lasts about an hour, and then you can immediately return to your normal routine, unlike surgery. Be proud of your appearance and show yourself off. You deserve the confidence that only Zerona treatments can provide.

3New York Laser Aesthetics is proud to offer promotions on Zerona laser treatments, including 6 sessions at an affordable package rate. Please contact us for current promotion details, as well as an individual consultation.